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Futureproofing SMBs In 2020 & Beyond

The start of a new year always brings with it a stack of predictions about what’s to come. However, we’re also at the start of a brand new decade.

Given the leaps and bounds that have been made over the past ten years, it’s clear that the way small and medium companies (SMBs) do business by 2030 will look different again.

However, to make that happen they’ll need to stay ahead of the curve and embrace advances in enterprise technology.

Let’s consider the ways that SMBs can futureproof themselves.


Building the best team possible is no longer contingent on a single location. Dynamic, distributed teams of remote employees are becoming the norm – for SMBs as well as large companies.

While this trend is set to continue, there’s a need for businesses to build in the necessary communications infrastructure to ensure that remote working, works. There are stacks of collaboration-focused tools, platforms, and services out there.

Microsoft’s aim however, is to provide SMBs a suite of services that offer combined functionality; where they can securely share information and work together in real time – through Microsoft 365 services such as Teams and Office 365.

Modern Workplace

Teamwork is just one aspect of digital transformation. As more remote services are required, SMBs will need to embrace cloud migration; to ensure they can support the way in which employees want (and need) to work, and keep the necessary software updated.

Thanks to cloud computing, the days of companies purchasing software licenses are gone. Instead, they can ensure they have the most current versions through services like Microsoft 365. That way they’ll no longer have to worry about end of life support dates; that their custom apps won’t be compatible; or that their IT security is outdated.


A move towards remote working, bring your own device (BYOD), and distributed teams intensifies the need for greater security.

With cloud computing, there’s no central server that can be compromised. Therefore, user rights can be easily revoked and installed.

And if a device is hacked or stolen, with a service  like Microsoft 365, there’s no way that anyone other than the device owner can access company information or data remotely.

Your Opportunity: Make Change Happen

There are so many digital transformation opportunities that SMBs could embrace right now, to futureproof their companies. But in order to do so successfully, they require support, guidance, and service – from expert IT services providers like you.

And Microsoft relies on its partner network to deliver Teamwork, Modern Workplace, and Security solutions to SMBs across the World.

They don’t just ‘sell software’ to small companies; they use their expertise as strategy, implementation, and adoption specialists to create long-term relationships with SMBs in a particular location, industry, or vertical sector.

If you’re looking to expand what your IT business could offer SMBs as a Microsoft Partner, take a look at the Microsoft 365 page or join our webinar by clicking on your country below.

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