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Identifying A Need For IT Security

Many SMBs don’t think of themselves as a target for online attacks. But as hackers are quick to realise this, they’re often much more vulnerable than they think.

The threat itself is worrying and can be costly. Given that some 60% of small companies go out of business within six months following a cyber-attack.

Ultimately, SMBs need to take IT security seriously – but many don’t have the capacity or expertise in-house. Security only becomes an issue when it’s too late.

Microsoft Professional working outdoors on her Thinkpad

Bridging The Security Gap

While many SMBs will have security software in place – a firewall, antivirus, and email filtering – sometimes these programmes can hamper productivity – making it difficult to share information.

As more employees begin to favour remote working, and using their personal technology (commonly known as ‘Bring Your Own Device’ or BYOD), a viable security solution is crucial.

But when companies don’t provide the flexibility, scalability, or functionality that employees need to work - they’ll find a workaround solution, putting SMBs at even greater risk.

Microsoft Professional working outdoors on her Thinkpad

The Opportunity For IT Businesses

More data is being put into the cloud. Businesses are discovering that – despite the lack of ownership – the risks of a security breach or data hack are greatly reduced.

There’s a genuine need for trusted experts to offer SMBs the advice they. Microsoft does 95% of its business through partners, and as a result, Microsoft Partners have an opportunity to build a business around the needs of small companies – a complete SMB security solution – from a single vendor, with Microsoft 365 at the heart.

Microsoft Professional working outdoors on her Thinkpad

Offering Security-as-a-Service

As a Microsoft Partner, your business could specialise in any (or all) of the following security-related areas:

  • Protecting businesses from malware, ransomware, phishing, and spam attacks.
  • Adding and removing users from a customer server or business app directory.
  • Encrypting documents and separating data access from different user devices.
  • Security monitoring for all devices, and ensuring that corrupt or stolen devices are wiped remotely.
  • Monitoring your customers’ overall security risk using Secure Score along with Microsoft 365.
  • Training – creating workshops that teach customers how to deploy Microsoft security and compliance solutions.
Microsoft Professional working outdoors on her Thinkpad

Become A Microsoft Partner

Ultimately, as digital transformation impacts an increasing number of businesses, helping your customers adapt to cloud technology means giving them a full package of expert advice and hands-on implementation.

In partnership with Microsoft, there’s a real opportunity for qualified IT professionals to building a viable and profitable security practice.

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