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Good Businesses, Bad Choices

What are the biggest IT concerns from an SMB’s perspective? Monitoring performance? Financial management? Security? Compliance? Backing up the server? All of the above?

They have the right idea. Problem is, many smaller companies are going completely the wrong way about these things. They’re wasting time, money, and effort on what should be easily resolved issues.

How could they do things differently? What are their options?

Explore What SaaS Can Offer

Cloud migration. SaaS provision. It’s not a cure for every single IT issue, but it certainly makes sense for SMBs to explore digital transformation given the way that IT is moving.

For example, updating software in an on-premise environment takes time and money. While some (not all) SMBs will have their own in-house IT specialist, the reality is that it’ll be the founder or another senior partner that’ll take on the responsibility themselves. Working with a Saas Provider like Microsoft – software updates come as standard. Minimum hassle for all.

Consider security too. When so much company and client data is placed on a single on-prem server, there’s only one overall point of failure. With cloud server storage, not only can data be stored remotely, it can also be made accessible on an individual basis – via a single sign on authentication process.

In a cloud environment, when services are deployed remotely, employees can access them securely from anywhere – via their preferred device – which is a huge win for companies addressing remote working.

Work With A Trusted IT Services Firm

Helping SMBs make better business decisions starts with ensuring they have the right IT infrastructure and services in place. This means reviewing their overall business strategy to understand the current short-term needs, as well as their longer-term requirements.

Easier said than done in most cases! Often getting the insight needed to make big changes means tapping into a certain level of expertise – from an IT specialist.

However, as many specialists offer a broad spectrum of services, it can be difficult for SMB owners to identify which one is right for them. That’s why those can demonstrate that they have the backing, support, and resources of a major software brand will cut through the surrounding noise.

Overall, sometimes SMB owners only have enough capacity to focus on their core business. Most learn what they need to do to help their company grow as it happens – on-the-job. IT services companies[3]  that can help them navigate areas outside of their understanding are those will thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

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