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Grow your Business. Together with Microsoft.

Are you ready to partner? Microsoft is ready to be yours.

“Microsoft has always been a partner-led company, and will always be a partner-led company”

Satya Nadella

CEO Microsoft

Microsoft needs you. Why?

Because there's simply too much work to be done

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High demand for Microsoft solutions needs partners to help provide the value

There is a large and growing demand for Microsoft solutions in the market. Without partners, we would not be able to meet this demand, and perhaps more importantly provide the quality customers expects. It are the solutions and services that our partners build on top of the Microsoft platform that provide the real value to the customers.

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Companies ask for innovative solution that we can’t build alone

More and more companies, that are already using Microsoft, are looking for innovative solutions for their problems. In our collaboration with partners the best solutions to the problems are often created. We need your ideas and expertise in our ecosystem.

Team of Microsoft Professionals analyising plans in an office overlooking the city

This is how our business works, it’s in our DNA to partner with you

Microsoft has always grown by gathering people in its ecosystem and ensuring these people get grow together with us, as their solutions or data get used. Simply put, we are a company that makes generates revenue, only when other people have already been paid. It’s in our DNA to partner with you.

Microsoft invests in you. How?

You grow. Microsoft grows. Everyone wins.

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Microsoft provides the skilled professionals that you need

As a Microsoft partner, you’ll be able to tap into our growing global network of technical professionals. This means you’ll be able to offer your customers a variety of Microsoft products; and access a wealth of skills and expertise that’ll help you grow your company.

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Microsoft can help you build long-term customer relationships

The demands of your customers will change as their organization grows. They’ll need strategic partners able to advise them on how to tackle the challenges ahead. As a Microsoft partner, the complete set of products you’ll be able to offer will ensure you become this kind of trusted client advisor; enabling you to build lifelong relationships and sustainably grow your business with loyal customers.

Microsoft Professional working outdoors on her Thinkpad

Microsoft actively creates opportunities for partners

Microsoft has a lot of existing customers. And many of these customers ask for tailor-made solutions. By adding your company and expertise to our network, these opportunities could soon be yours.

Team of Microsoft Professionals analyising plans in an office overlooking the city

Microsoft programs help you grow

Do you want insight into leads? Keen to establish brand awareness and increase the technical skills in your organization? Our Microsoft programs are our way of showing that we’re serious about helping all of our partners grow; enabling them to boost their capabilities, drive demand, and bolster their skillsets.

Microsoft is ready. Are you?

Discover what value you can bring your customers as a Microsoft partner.

Building a Teamwork offer

Create conditions for better communication. SMBs are crying out for knowledgeable IT specialists to provide both the direction and implementation to get ahead in the new world of cloud technology. As a Microsoft partner, you’ll become a trusted advisor to your clients as they navigate their paths to digital transformation.

Building a Security offer

Identifying the need for IT security and bridging the security gap. In partnership with Microsoft, there’s a real opportunity for IT professionals to build a viable and profitable security practice.